Soulscapes Vol. 1
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Soulscapes Vol. 1

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Soulscapes Vol. 1 is the first original sample collection from Algorhythm Music Library. Included in the first collection, are 10 original tracks (with STEMS option) full of melody and soul, crafted for producers and creators to use as the infrastructure for fresh innovations and creations. In this volume, the focal point was to capture a classic essence and nostalgic feeling. Using a combination of analog equipment, live instrumentation and digital plug-ins to bring you original textures and warmth of a vintage record. 

Sample clearance guaranteed. You'll never have to jump through hoops to get your music approved for distribution. All sounds included are compatible with any DAW or sampler.

Instruments used in this collection: 

Fender Rhodes // Prophet Rev2 // Korg monologue // Fender jazz master // Yamaha Upright Piano // Fender Precision Bass // Moog Rogue // Larrivee acoustic uitar // Yamaha acoustic guitar// Fender telecaster // Various percussions 

Gear Used:

Chandler tg2 mic pre // Townsend Labs L22 // SSL Fusion // Bettermaker C502V // Wes audio Promethius (Pultec eq) // Apollo x8p // UAD plugin emulations